Who We Are

We are a team comprising of experienced Singaporean HR professionals who are :

  • Skilled and trained in all aspects of Singapore payroll outsourcing, HR payroll outsourcing, contract staff management and HR support and compliance in Singapore
  • Currently managing outsourced contract staff, employer of record (EOR) and professional employer organization (PEO) including HR advisory, compliance and employee management,  on behalf of our multi-national and reputable clients;
  • Qualified and accredited by Workforce Development Authority with Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) as human resource practitioner for Singapore payroll services, payroll processing,  payroll outsourcing and payroll management.
  • All our team members are Licensed by Singapore Ministry of Manpower
  • Passionate about our work, we are not only focus on payroll processing but regularly update ourselves with the latest HR regulations and laws in Singapore.
  • Competent with the use of latest cloud based payroll software for payroll outsourcing service productivity and efficiency.
Singapore Payroll Services

In a competitive business environment like Singapore, the outsourcing of payroll processing function is helps companies to manage and reduce their operations cost. The delegation of payroll tasks to Singapore payroll outsourcing providers allows businesses to free up valuable human resources time that can be redirected toward more strategic initiatives. In addition, as Singapore has stringent compliance requirements and regulations regarding payroll,  the outsourcing of payroll function helps to ensure compliance while minimizing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

Payroll Software System

payroll software

Payroll Software Solution

  • Our Singapore payroll outsourcing team works with a local payroll software partner, SMARTHRMS to support our payroll service which is ideal for remote work environments.
  • Onsite and Offsite Support.
  • While we utilise latest cloud technologies to store all payroll data, our system is well secured and reliable as it is powered by Amazon Web Service.
  • E-payslip self service capability where employees can login to view payslips real time anytime
  • Web based management and reporting of leaves, claims with optional modules for e-leave, e-claims and e-attendance.
  • Established in Singapore since 2006, our payroll system has been adopted and trusted by more than 600 companies in Singapore


SMART Cloud Based Payroll Software Solutions

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