Monthly Archives - September 2023

Business Case for Payroll Services

Payroll Service is increasingly being sought by forward looking companies as part of their human resource strategies to remain nimble and lean in an increasingly competitive business environment. With the advent of technology and payroll software, payroll outsourcing to leverage and improve business efficiency and productivity is becoming one of the key priorities in human resource management as outsourcing payroll services provide a clear benefit. Below are several benefits to outsourcing payroll and the reasons why companies should consider outsourcing their...

Payroll Software- The Key Competitive Business Advantage

There are many benefits of using payroll software or payroll system to calculate and disburse employee’s salary, calculate statutory contributions such as Central Provident Funds (CPF) made by employees and employers, and provide pay slips for the employees. Over the years, with the advent of software technology and cloud based data storage technology, performing the tasks of calculating employee’s salary manually have become be costly, time consuming and inefficient. Here are some of the advantages: If one has sufficient knowledge...

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