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Singapore Payroll Management- Latest Rules & Practices 2020

Payroll Management Rules and Practices in Singapore 2020 Engage our human resource support and payroll service to comply with current Payroll Management Rules in Singapore. Payroll Management rules in Singapore has evolved over the years with significant changes made by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) since 2016 to order to protect the rights of both employers and employees. One of the major requirements in Singapore’s employment laws and regulations is that all employers must provide itemised payslips when paying salaries for all [...]


Business Case for Payroll Service

Payroll Service is increasingly being sought by forward looking companies as part of their human resource strategies to remain nimble and lean in an increasingly competitive business environment. With the advent of technology and payroll software, payroll outsourcing to leverage and improve business efficiency and productivity is becoming one of the key priorities in human resource management as outsourcing payroll service provides a clear benefit. Below are several reasons why companies should consider outsourcing their monthly payroll process. Increasing complex and constantly [...]